Setting up and making entries into Non-EDI qualifications on Arbor

Non-EDI exams don't use EDI files for basedata and entries, so the process for setting these up and making entries is slightly different.


You'll need the Qualifications: Administer All Students permission to set up exams. If you don't have permissions, ask your administration team to give you permission using these instructions

Setting up Non-EDI qualifications

Add the award and units

Go to Students > Examinations > Qualifications > Qualification Offering > Non-EDI. Click the +Add new button to add a new Qualification.



In the slide over, find the award or unit. It is easiest to search by entering the QAN code. Click on the Award/Unit drop-down and select the exam, then click the green Add Offering button.



Subscribe to the learning units on the next page.



When you click Save Changes, you can then add an assessable for each learning unit. Once you have chosen your assessables, click Create.



Top Tip: If you don't want to create an assessable for a learning unit right now, skip by removing the assessable code.



Once you have added your assessables, you will receive a message to the top-right of your screen. 



Add more assessables if needed

You can view all Qualifications under their relevant headings at Students > Examinations >  Qualifications > Non-EDI. 



You can add further assessables by selecting the award, selecting the unit, and clicking the green Create an Assessable button.



Add assessable instances

An Assessable Instance is an Assessable that takes place at an exact time and date. It is useful to create assessable instances if you have an exam or a piece of coursework with a definite deadline.

  • You do not need to set these up for coursework components, as these can take place at any time.
  • You will need to add an instance for all units assessed under exam conditions. This will ensure the Assessable shows up on a candidate‚Äôs timetable.

Click +Add to add an instance.



In the slide over, add the start date, start time and end time.



You can click into the instance to see more information or delete it.



Making entries

Add candidates to the award and units

You can enter students from within the Qualification Offering area, or from the Entries By Student Group page: Entering candidates in Arbor

Unlike EDI qualifications, there's one more step to complete after doing this, in order to have the Non-EDI exams show up in timetables.



Adding students to the assessable instances

Non-EDI exams don't have assessables included in the basedata, so students aren't automatically added to assessables (like EDI exam entries are) when just using the Entries by Student Group page.

For example, here's a non-EDI exam I set up and made entries only from the Entries by Student Group page. I've gone to Qualifications > Non-EDI, selected the qualification and selected a unit.

Here you can see students are added in Learning Unit Candidate Entries.



But they have not been added to Assessable Candidate Entries. Click +Add to add students to assessables.



Select the series, and the students to add.



You can then click on an assessable instance and add students to there.




How do we submit our entries to the Awarding Organisations?

Entries into these qualifications will not generate EDI entry files, and must be made directly with awarding organisations, using their online portals.

Please note that Arbor Support will not be able to support you with the process of submitting these entries.

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