Link exam awards and units

You might need to manually link awards and units together.

Why should we link awards and units?

Creating a link between the unit and the award enables you to make entries for both at the same time.

Each qualification award has a corresponding set of learning unit(s). The link between the award and the learning unit(s) is usually defined by the awarding organisation (the exam board) in the qualification’s base data.

Sometimes the base data doesn’t include this linking information. For example, if the award is an A-Level where schools can pick and choose the learning units associated with an award. In this case, they become ‘orphan’ units and awards, and must be manually linked.

Top Tip: You won't be able to amend and import any basedata.

How do we manually link orphan awards and units?

Go to Students > Examinations > Qualifications > Qualification Offering. Select the award, then click the green Qualification Offering button.

qualification offering button.png

On the Qualification Offering Overview page, scroll down to the sections for Manually Linked Units and click +Add.

add the unit or award.png

Search for the learning unit’s code, select it from the drop-down menu, then click Add Offering. The award and learning unit will then be linked.

add learning unit to link.png

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