The Calendar and timetable on the Parent Portal and Arbor App

You can see what lessons and events your child is taking part in on the browser version of Parent Portal and on the Arbor App. Take a look below to see how to use the areas.

On the Parent Portal On the Arbor App

The Calendar page shows the student's timetable, including any events the student has been invited to. Click the View Student Profile button and go to Calendar from the left-hand menu.



You can also access the calendar by clicking on the Calendar section.



On the homepage, click a lesson to see further details. Please note you cannot click lessons in the full calendar view.




The calendar, by default, displays the current week. The month can be changed by clicking on the arrow next to the month and choosing another one. Change the view from day, week or month by clicking on the buttons.

Top Tip: Over over an event for more details, or view the location by selecting the Day view.




Click on the arrows or the calendar icon at the top to look at the next academic year's lessons, registration form or teacher. 



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  • In the current covid situation, we are desperately trying to show parents on their child's calendar if the lessons are live, remote or digital detox.  The only we have found so far is that teachers can change the room name to LIVE, REMOTE Or DD.  But this does not show up for the parents easily on the whole calendar but I think does on daily view (and possible the child's calendar?)   Having this show or a way to email their child's timetable easily to parents with this info on would be helpful, as our parents are trying to ensure they are prepared for what and when their child is learning on line.

    Need a bit more flexibility or a solution asap.

  • Hi Penny, thanks for your comment. I'm afraid we wouldn't advise running your digital/remote classes through Arbor, as all students who are not physically present on site due to the school being closed should be marked with the X code, regardless if they are attending online classes.

    As such, there wouldn't be an easy way to get this to show for guardians on their calendar. If you wanted to share printable timetables, you would need to download them (shown here:, then send them via a mail merge - a process similar to what's shown here:

    Please get in touch with us via email if you need to discuss this further!


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