Reporting on Raw Attendance Marks

Raw Attendance Marks is a report that can be generated by going to  Students > Attendance > Admin > Raw Attendance Marks.

This page shows the selected students along with any given specific mark. Click on the filter at the top of the page to select which students, dates and marks to display. In the filters you can make several amendments including:

  • Start date and end date 
  • Which students to pick up in the report 
  • The Specific mark you are looking to pick up



Top Tip: Download this table to include an additional column for student UPNs.



 The report can also be updated to show multiple marks. In Specific Mark, multiple marks can be chosen at the same time.


Adding in missing marks

Leave the Specific Marks field as Register opened but no mark provided to see any missing attendance marks since you started taking attendance with Arbor. Please note: You won't be able to edit roll call marks or imported marks from here.



If you've chosen to look at lesson attendance, clicking the missing mark will allow you to click Edit and change the mark.



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