Reviewing Money Received, Payouts and VAT invoices

You can review money received via Cash, Cheque and Card and download reports to Excel from School > Payments > Reconciliation > Money Received. This page includes top ups to a child's Meals account, payments against Invoices for other items (such as School Clubs or Trips), and refunds.

You can see a report split by transaction type by using the tabs at the top of the page. Just select the Cash, Cheque, Card Transactions or Bank Transfer, or Voucher (if you have set this up).



You can restrict the information shown using the filters at the top of the page.



Click on a transaction to view its details. Click the More information button to view more information about a card transaction or to attach a file if needed.

  • If a card transaction has failed, you will see the reason for its failure. It will be displayed underneath the Card transaction status.
  • The paid amount is the amount paid by the bill payer. It indicates the amount which the Customer Account will be topped up by, or the amount paid for a trip or club. The net amount is the paid amount, minus the transaction fee amount and the 20% VAT on a card transaction fee amount. This net amount is the amount which will be paid out to the defined bank account.
  • The estimated payout date is the estimated date when the money received from this card transaction will be paid out to the bank. If the payout has already happened, the estimated payout date then shows the date the payout was actually made. Note, the estimated payout date may change because of the way Stripe processes card payments.



Seeing all payments

You can view all payments and refunds settled onto your bank account by going to School > Payments > Reconciliation > Settlement Statement Report.

Card payments and refunds settle on your bank accounts in three-four business days after the payout happens. Once these funds are settled, you will be able to see them in the Settlement Statement. Select the date interval to include only those transactions which were settled in this date range.




You can also view payments that are going to be settled or due to be settled in School > Payments > Reconciliation > Card Payments > Stripe Payouts.

You can filter the list of payouts by defining the date interval or selecting banks of interest (if there is a need to see payouts made to a specific bank account).

Possible payout statuses:

  • Scheduled - The payout is planned for a future date
  • Paid - the payout was made successfully
  • Pending - The payout is being processed
  • In Transit - The payout is submitted to the bank
  • Cancelled
  • Failed



Click on a payout to view its details. The page includes lists of all card transactions that are included into this payout, and successful and failed refunds affecting the final Payout amount.

  • The initiated date is the date when this payout has been initiated, or when the payout to the bank was scheduled. If this date is in the future then this payout is scheduled.
  • The total paid amount is the sum of paid amounts of all card transactions in this payout. The payout amount is the total amount that is paid out to the chosen bank account. This is calculated as the total paid amount plus the amount of all linked failed refund transactions, minus the total fees amount all the card transaction fees and the total VAT amount on all card transaction fees, and minus the amount of all linked refund transactions.



What causes a payout to be cancelled?

Please see our guidance here: Cancelled card payment payout


VAT invoices

VAT invoices are created on a weekly basis after funds are successfully paid out to bank accounts. They include information about card transactions fees and VAT on fees for all card transactions that were successfully paid out to banks.

For each payout, a separate VAT invoice will be generated when the payout status changes to "Paid". Therefore, if two payouts happen on the same day (paying out money to different bank accounts), two VAT invoices will be generated when these payouts are successful.

To access VAT invoices go to School > Payments > Reconciliation > Card Payments > VAT Invoices. Here you will be able to see and download all VAT invoices created for your school. Click on the invoice date to download it.

Why can't I see my VAT invoice?

Once you have gone to School > Payments > Reconciliation > Card Payments > VAT Invoices, you should see about 3 or 4 results.



This is because, by default, this page will only show the most recent results when you first access it. You will need to change the filter to show all of the results in a given date range if you need to see invoices that are from any further back than the ones first listed here.

Please note that you must specify both a start and end date for the page to show all results.



It will then show all the VAT invoices from the academic year.


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