Our Arbor MIS Roadmap

Here at Arbor, we’ve been busy finalising our roadmap, giving you an insight into everything we’re working on in the Arbor platform as well as what’s coming up in the next few months. We’re really excited to not only share our plans but also give you the chance to have your say on what’s important to you and your school or MAT! 

Click the link below to see what we’re working on now, what’s coming up next, and those shiny new features and enhancements we’re looking to release a bit further down the road.

Arbor Development Roadmap


How can I get involved?

We’d love your input. Tell us what’s ‘nice-to-have’, really important or critical. There’s also the ability to let us know a bit more about why and how a feature or enhancement impacts your day to day job. Simply click into a roadmap item and use the voting buttons to have your say! 


How do we decide what’s on the roadmap?

You might be wondering how we arrived at the current roadmap. We receive lots of feedback from schools about what you love about Arbor - and what could be better! Each week our team sits down and reviews any new feedback we’ve received. Then, we look at how many schools have raised similar requests, the impact it could make to improving student outcomes and how long it might take. The roadmap is built on a termly basis and agreed with Arbor’s senior leadership team. 

If there’s something not currently on the roadmap that you’d love to see in Arbor, drop us an email at myteam@arbor-education.com outlining your idea and the impact it would have.  

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