Generating a Pearson 7B Results Request file

For some BTEC qualifications, Pearson may ask schools to provide a 7B Results Request file in order for EDI results to be made available in the August results period.

You can create this file in Arbor, in the same way as you would generate a standard EDI Entries file - just follow these steps:

1) Obtain the 7B basedata from Pearson, and email it to us at We'll then import the basedata onto Arbor to create the relevant data for the qualification(s) and let you know once this has been completed.

2) You'll then need to add the qualification(s) to your Arbor and enter your students. This article covers both adding qualifications and making entries. When entering your students, ensure you select the 7B20 series.

3) After you've entered the students, you'll need to generate an EDI Entries file. You can generate this by heading to Entries > EDI Exports > Entries. You will see a Pearson EDI 7B20 record underneath 'Pending Submission'. Click on this record, then Confirm in the slide over that will appear.




4) After you've generated your EDI Entries file, it will appear under the Confirmation of Submission section. Click into it here to view the data included in the file.



5) If you are happy with the contents of the file, click on the Download EDI File button. This EDI file will be your 7B Results Request file, which you should send to Pearson.


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