Creating a 100% attendance report

We’re going to work through an example report that you might need to create in your school, and the different pages you can generate this report from. You can create a report of students with 100% attendance from:

  • The Statistics page in Students > Attendance > Statistics - to quickly pull off a list
  • The Persistent absentees page in Students > Attendance > Absentees > Persistent absentees - to quickly follow up with students or guardians
  • The Custom Report Writer - to create bespoke reports or share them with staff inside or outside of your Arbor site

From statistics

The statistics page allows you to generate a full report of all student’s attendance. Just select to show the data by student to generate a full report.



You can then click the Present Mark header to sort the students by attendance, bringing those with 100% attendance to the top.



From persistent absentees

There’s a trick to getting this page to show a report of students with 100% attendance. Just set the filters to Minimum and Maximum % to be 0, then click Apply.



Then click the Present column header to sort the students by attendance, bringing those with 100% attendance to the top.

You can use the bulk actions to send guardians a congratulatory message.



From the Custom Report Writer

Arbor’s Custom Report Writer allows you to create bespoke custom reports on attendance or any other area of the system, which you can then schedule to be sent out, or use them in communication templates. 

Head to School > Custom Report Writer and create a new report. Name your report, and specify that the report is about students.

Select your date range. This will determine which students will be pulled into your report. In this example, I’m going to generate a report of last term’s 100% attendance so only want to look at students on roll last term, but you can set it to report on the last year, term, week or day.



The next step is to add all the columns to your report that you need. In this example, I need to add roll call attendance and some more student details.



When adding the Statutory/Roll Call (Present) column, you can choose to change the name of the column or edit the display details. Make sure to set the date range to the time period you want to report on.



Next click to skip the setup wizard.



Type attendance into the Filter box to select Statutory/Roll Call Attendance (Present), then click Add Filter.



In the slide over, change the filter condition to Equals (=) and set the value to 100 to only show children with 100% attendance in your report, then click Save.



Then click to save and view your report.

You can use the bulk actions to send guardians a congratulatory message.

  • The 'Schedule' button allows you to define when you would like the report to run and who you would like to share the report with. 
  • The 'Share' button allows you to share the report once and the recipient can be notified by an email or notification and the report can also be shared with external people by inputting their email address.


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