Finding the percentage of your students who are absent

We don't have a field that will automatically calculate the percentage for you, but you can get the numbers out to calculate this. In this article, we'll show you how to create a custom report to help enable you to calculate this figure.

Step 1 - Find your number of students enrolled

Go to Students > Enrolment > Statistics, and change the dates in the filter to the date range you need to report on. You'll be able to see how many students were enrolled in your school during that time.

In my example, there are 690 students.



Step 2 - Find the number of students with specific marks

Go to School > Custom Report Writer and click to create a new report about Students.

For the date range, choose the date rang you want to report on students for. For example, if you select 'last term' it will include any students who were enrolled last term. 



In the next step, you can add the Attendance (Specific Marks) column. You can either:

  • Add a separate column for each attendance mark you want to track
  • Add the column once to track all the codes you want to report on together



In the slide over, be sure to change the Format to Numerator and the Summary Row Formula to Sum.



Add a filter for the same specific marks. In the slide over, be sure to change the Filter Value to 1.



Then click to Save and View Report. It will show you only students who have been marked with one of these codes during the date range you chose. The summary row tells you the number of students that are included.

In my example, there are 174 students.




Step 3 - Calculate your percentage

To find the percentage, divide your enrolment number by the custom report number.

174 ÷ 690 = 0.25

0.25 x 100 = 25% of students had one of these marks during the date range. 

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