How do Exams work in Arbor?

The exams area of Arbor in Students > Examinations allows you to manage entries and results for your students, including who they should be shared with and when. 

You'll only have access to this area if you are in a Secondary, All-through or Secondary Special school.


We'd recommend assigning your Exams Officer the Business Role of Exams Officer.

  • Qualifications: Administer All Students - Edit any area of the exam setup including entries, results and exports.
  • Qualifications: View All students - View entries, download statements and timetables, view results after the embargo and view exams on the student profile.

 If someone can't access a certain area, you can give them the right permission using these instructions

Getting started

Before starting to use Arbor for Exams, we recommend:

  • Record all your key deadlines: Check your awarding organisation’s entry, amendment and coursework deadlines. Read the JCQ overview of exam entry and result deadlines here.
  • Review key exams terminology: Understand key exams terminology using our handy key terminology article or external sites found through an internet search.
  • Check out our common exam FAQs here.
  • Early entries preparation: Work with subject teachers as soon as possible to finalise candidate entries per qualification and stay on top of entries before the entry deadline. Check the awarding organisations for their deadlines and fees for submitting candidates late.

Exams in Arbor

First, get your site set up to manage your exams in Arbor.

When it's time to submit students for exams, you'll need to enter them in Arbor, then (for EDI exams) send the entries off to the awarding organisations:

Top Tip: Download and print our Exam Entries Checklist!

You can then set up your exam timetables, resolve any clashes and let students know what exams they're doing and when: Examination setup, entries and scheduling

Finally, use our results section to see how to import results, share them with students and export them to analysis systems: Examinations results and analysis

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