Adding a Looked After (In Care) or Post Looked After status

  • To flag students as being Looked After (In Care), you must record a Looked After status on their profile.
  • To flag a student as being Post Looked After (and therefore entitled to funding from the DfE) within a School census, you must have assigned them the appropriate Post Looked After status on their profile.

You can see all of your students with Looked After Statuses by taking a look at the reporting options here: Looked After (In Care) Students


You'll need the In Care: Administer All/My Students permission to view, add, edit or delete in care notes and statuses. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.

Adding a Looked After Status

You can add a looked after/in care status from a child's Student Profile.

Top Tip: The Looked After (In Care) page in the left-hand menu will only show if the student has previously been added as Looked After.

If you need to add a status, add it from the main profile page. Scroll down to the Looked After (In Care) section, or select it from the View drop-down menu.


Click the +Add button and choose an Assign Looked After (In Care) Status

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 13.41.35.png

In the drop-down menu choose the appropriate status and enter any other information that is needed. The c
lick Set Looked After (In Care) Status.

If you set the Looked After (In Care) status as any of the following, you must also specify a Responsible Authority to prevent errors when generating CTFs: 

  • Children’s Home
  • Fostered
  • Other/In Care
  • With Parents (under the supervision of social services) 



The Student Profile will then display their status.



Adding a Post Looked After Status

Top Tip: Make sure you have added an end date to any previous statuses where they were Looked After (In Care) first.

Click on the status, click Edit, add the End Date then click Save Changes.

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 13.43.08.png


On the student's profile, scroll down to the Looked After (In Care) section. Click on the +Add button and select Assign Looked After (In Care) Status.


Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 13.41.35.png


Select one of the following statuses from the Looked After (In Care) status drop-down menu:

  • Left care through child arrangement order (CAO) - Maps to code C for the census
  • Adopted from care inside England or Wales - Maps to code A for the census
  • Adopted from care outside England or Wales - Maps to code O for the census
  • Left care through residence order (RO) - Maps to code R for the census
  • Left care through special guardianship order (SGO) - Maps to code G for the census

These codes are taken from the DfE guidance here: Post looked after arrangements

Set the From Date (if known) and an Until Date if appropriate. Click the Set Looked After (In Care) Status button.


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