Add a former name and documents for the name change

You might find yourself having to change the name of a staff member or student, due to marriage, adoption, change by Deed Poll, etc. Below are steps on how to update their current name and keep a log of their former name.


To edit the names you will need the following permissions

  • Student profile - you will need Student Profile: Identity: Administer All Students.
  • Staff profile - you will need the Staff Profile: All Staff: Basic HR Administration

You can find a guide here with steps on how to check if you have this permission or steps on how to have it assigned if you don't.


Step 1 - Adding the former name

Head to the staff or student's profile and click +Add in the Identity section.

In the pop-up select Former Name.



Add in the details of the name, and add any documents such as a Deed Poll.



Step 2 - Editing the current name

Head to the staff or students profile. In the Identity section click on the user's name then Edit



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