Exclude Nursery or Guest students from my attendance, enrolment figures and statistics reports

Can we change the settings on my Homepage dashboard?

It isn't possible to amend the Key Performance Indicators on your homepage, but we do have a built-in attendance figure that only looks at statutory school age students: How do the Attendance KPIs on My Homepage work?

Excluding students from other areas

From KPI figures

Although you can't permanently exclude students from your KPIs, you can temporarily filter them out of the numbers.

Click on a KPI then click into the filters.

Select a student group, then save your changes.



If you don't see the group you want to use, you can use a custom group to filter your in-built statistic reports for only certain students: Create and use Custom Groups

For example, you could add Automatic Membership Criteria for Enrolment Mode. In the slide over, select Is not one of... and choose Guest Pupil, then click Save. Your custom group will now include all students who are not guest students.

You can then select this custom group in the filters of your in-built reporting pages, such as in Students > Attendance > Statistics.



From Enrolment figures

Go to Students > Enrolment > Statistics. Click the green filters at the top of the page.

In the Students who are section, select the student group.



Click the green Apply button.



From Attendance figures

Go to Students > Attendance > Statistics. Click the green filters at the top of the page.

In the Students who are section, select the student group.



Click the green Apply button.



From Custom Reports

You may want to exclude students from reports you've made in the Custom Report Writer. Find your report and click to Edit it.

Add a filter, for example:

  • if you only want to look at certain year groups, add one for Year group(s)
  • for guest students, you can add a filter for Enrolment Mode

Click Add Filter.



In the slide over, change the drop-down menu to Is not one of... and select your groups to exclude. Then Save and view your report.


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