How do the Attendance KPIs on My Homepage work?

On your homepage, you'll see 6 attendance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which provide an overview of all currently enrolled students' (not just statutory school age) attendance today compared to this year so far. The figures show:

  • the total number of currently enrolled students today
  • a percentage statistic for statutory present, authorised absence, unauthorised attendance and late
  • persistent absentees

You can also see National Average and National Percentile data to compare your attendance with other Arbor schools: Live National Benchmarks on My Homepage



How do the calculations work?

Today or Prev 7 days

We'll show data for the last 7 days when there isn’t any statistical attendance for the day, eitherbecause a holiday is in place, or attendance hasn't been taken yet.

Once registers are opened and have been taken, you'll see data for Today.

Calculation and considering

Hover over a KPI to see more information in a pop up:

  • Calculation - this figure tells you how many roll call attendance marks your figure is based on.
  • Considering - this figure tells you how many students your figure is looking at attendance for.

In the example below, you can see there are 1012 students, and 1017 attendance marks. 922 of these 1017 marks are present marks.

You'd expect the number of marks to be similar to the number of students in the AM once attendance is taken, and around double the number of students in the PM once attendance is taken. This is because your students have two roll call periods per day. This will of course be slightly different if you have students on a reduced timetable and they don't attend for a roll call session.

The example below shows attendance after AM roll call. It shows 1017 rather than 1012 because there was a register for the afternoon opened early by adding an absence from the Bulk Edit Marks page.




Can we change the KPIs?

It is not possible to change the KPIs or how they work: Can I change the KPI measures or edit the dates on My Homepage?

Can we exclude students from the KPIs?

Please see our guidance here:

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