Find and add missing attendance marks

When looking at attendance certificates, changing attendance marks or analysing attendance, you may come across missing attendance marks. In this article, we'll go through why you may have missing attendance marks and how to fill them in when required.


To find and fill in missing attendance marks, you'll need the Attendance: Administer All Students permission. If you don't have this permission, ask your admin team to assign it to you.


Check when the missing marks happened

We recently moved to Arbor

If your school recently moved to Arbor, check whether attendance at this time was taken through Arbor or your previous system. 

If it was taken through your previous system, please follow these instructions, as you won't be able to edit the marks anywhere else: Editing attendance marks migrated from your old MIS and adding missing marks

There was no school on that day

If your school was closed to all pupils, we recommend adding a holiday to your Academic Calendar. This means there are no registers (and therefore no marks for students) on these days. You can read more about this here: Recording the school as closed

The lesson hasn't happened yet

If the lesson has not yet taken place, attendance marks will not be filled in, even if there is a planned absence. Arbor doesn't insert the mark into the register until it is opened - up to 1 hour before the lesson is due to take place.


Check if the registers have been opened

Check that the register has been opened to allow a mark to be recorded. Remember that the register must be opened in order to pull a Planned Absence through.

You can see any unopened registers from Students > Attendance > Incomplete registers - see more detail on using this page to complete registers or send reminders here: Completing incomplete attendance registers



Check your Roll Call times

If your attendance certificates aren't showing marks for AM or PM, but you did fill in the registers, you'll need to check your Roll Call times. You may need to adjust the Roll Call times so that your lessons overlap with them so the lessons contribute to your statutory roll call attendance.



Find the missing marks and fill them in

Go to Students > Attendance > Admin > Raw Attendance Marks. Select the date range in the filters, and whether to look at N marks, or leave this field blank to look at only unfilled marks.



If you have the report set to Statutory/Roll Call and aren't seeing any missing marks, this happens when the registers with missing marks don't overlap with your Roll Call times.

All students have a statutory roll call mark, which is why you get no results. As only statutory roll call attendance is reported in the census, there is no requirement to fill these in.

If you did want to, try changing the Mark Type to Lesson. You can then click into the mark and click Edit to fill in the mark. You could also go to the register itself, or fill this in from the student's profile.





Check the student had a register

If the student doesn't appear on the Raw Attendance Marks page, you'll need to check the Enrolment section of their student profile to see if they were enrolled into a register at that time.

For example, for this student, they weren't enrolled on the History classes until the 4th of October, so they wouldn't have marks for that class before that date. Unless you were to backdate the enrolment or enrol them into a different course that did have slots for these times they won't be able to have attendance marks for these days/times. 



Once all of that is done you can add in the missing marks on the student profile by going to Attendance > Marks (by Date) on the left. Click into a mark to fill it in, or use the bulk actions on the left-hand side to fill in marks in bulk.


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