How do I send an SMS from the Communications Dashboard?

School> Communications> SMS> New mail merge SMS

1. Select recipients by clicking the 'To' drop-down menu, or the plus button.  Here you can select who you will send your email to.  This can be an individual, selected by scrolling through the list or typing the name and selecting the appropriate individual.  You can also send to different groups including staff, students and guardians within, for example, different registration forms, year groups and custom groups, which are also found in this drop-down menu.

2. In the 'Combine messages?' area you can choose whether you want to combine SMS to one per household or one per recipient and if you want to send an individual SMS for each student or regarding all students.

For example, a student lives with his mother and the student's parents are separated, meaning their father lives elsewhere. However, they are both set as Primary Guardians.

In this case, if the option of 'one per household' is chosen then an SMS will be sent to both Mum and Dad, rather than one letter addressed to both.


3. The Merge Fields selection box may be used to customise each SMS to the appropriate individual as shown below.



4. At the bottom of the page, you can click 'Send', or 'Save Draft' if you wish to send your SMS at a later point.

5. You also have the option to use an SMS that has been created as a template, by clicking on the 'Load SMS Template' button and choosing one from the drop-down list. Please note, this option will not appear until a template has been created by the school.


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