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Accessing interventions from the Student Profile

Interventions a student is involved in and their reviews and costs can be seen in the student's profile in the Intervention section from the left-hand menu. 

To see and use this section, you'll need either the School: Intervention: Administer All Interventions or Administer My Interventions permission. If you can't access this area, ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions



You are also able to print out this information by selecting the Print to PDF option in the top right-hand side of the page. Select which interventions to print the information for.



The PDF will then download to your computer, which you can open and view or print.




Enroling a student into an Intervention

To add a new intervention from the student profile, click on the Interventions section on the left-hand side of the students profile. 

Click on the +Add sign next to Interventions and you will have the ability to add the student to an existing Intervention. 



Adding costs and funding

You must first click on the intervention which is cost & funding is going to be added onto, this can be selected from the list found under Interventions.

Once you have clicked on the intervention, you will be presented with a slide over. Click on the grey More Information button. This will take you to the intervention overview where you can add costs.


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I'm still stuck!


  • When you print out the child's interventions and other relevant SEN information, does this or can this include all previous interventions the child is no longer enrolled on?

  • Hi Jackie, when you click the Print to PDF button, you can select which information to print out. You can select interventions if the student was ever enrolled in them, even if they are now no longer enrolled in the intervention.


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