Where to update information for students in bulk

There are a few fields in Arbor you can fill in in bulk for students. You can find them in Students > All Students > Bulk Update or in School > Data > Data Quality Dashboard > Students.


Bulk Update Basic Student Details

This section allows you to quickly check that you have filled in some key information regarding students. To add or change any of the information, just click on the cell you wish to edit and a slide over will appear where you can add or update the correct information. 



For example, to add an Ethnicity source, select the students then click the blue pencil icon to select Bulk Edit Ethnicity source to choose the source. 



Bulk Update Funded Hours

Clicking on this will take you to a table that contains hours and funding information required in the School Census for Early Years and Nursery students. This data is not reported for 4-years-olds in Reception, so Reception students are not included in the table. For each individual student the number of funded hours allowed depends on the student's age and NC year. 

Please note, for students that are not entitled to extended hours paid for by the government, do not enter anything into the Extended hours field. Hours paid for by the child’s parents or the school should only contribute to the Hours at setting total.

You can update an individual student’s hours by clicking on their name. You’ll need to ask the parents if you do not know a child’s code.



You can also add some information in bulk, but you will still need to add the codes in by clicking on the students. 



Bulk Update YSSA

For students who are 11+ you'll need to record who's information you are sharing with Connexions. Tick the students then click the blue pencil icon to update the value.

If you’re not requesting this information, you can mark your students as Unsaught.


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