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What is My Homepage?

If you are a teacher or have pastoral responsibilities e.g. as a head of house, My Homepage will show you everything that’s going on with your classes at a glance - from live attendance, behaviour and attainment stats, to pastoral notes and detention alerts - so you can jump in if you need to. Plus, with a running to-do list of your most urgent tasks, you’ll see where you’re needed and get work done faster.

You can watch a full demo of the features in our webinar recording here.

For teaching and pastoral staff

  • My Students - View a personalised view of progress for your students only using the tab on the Homepage. Drill down to see which students are driving overall trends, filter your stats by key groups, such as FSM Year 5 boys, or SEN EAL girls, or switch back to the Whole School tab to get an overview of your school.
  • To-do list - This will show you any incomplete registers, unresolved behaviour incidents, incomplete assessment data collections and cover requests assigned to you, helping you tick them off between lessons.
  • Student Alerts - See medical and pastoral notes, detentions and birthdays for your students so you never miss the important things!

For everyone

  • School notices - At the top of the homepage so no staff members miss an important announcement.
  • Quick Actions and Shortcuts - Bring your most important actions like 'Take attendance', 'Create event' and 'Send email' front and centre using the Quick Actions. Shortcuts will take you directly to core Arbor modules such as Behaviour, Cover and Summative tracking.
  • Adjust your dashboardSelect which whole school stats you want to see - Attendance, Behaviour or Attainment (or all three!).


What can I see on My Homepage?

My Homepage looks different depending on your role at school.

For how to use My Homepage, including how Student Alerts, School Notifications and the To-Do list work watch the videos in the sections below or take a look at our full guide (linked at the bottom of this article).

You can also watch a full demo in our webinar recording here.

What will teaching or pastoral staff see?

If you are a teacher or someone with pastoral responsibilities, My Homepage will look similar to what's shown in the video below. This includes anyone who is a:

  • Form tutor, Academic lead, or teacher of a class (must be assigned to the class, not just to the timetable slots)
  • Head of year or house (must be assigned in the Students > Enrolments section, not just have the Business Role)
  • Lead staff member of an intervention (must be assigned to the intervention, not just to timetable slots)
  • Teacher of a teaching group
  • Head or Second of Department or Faculty

What will other staff see?

If you do not have any of these roles so do not have any students assigned to you, My Homepage will look similar to the video below.



Click below to see what you can do in each section.

The top menus and site links

At the top left, you'll see your school’s logo. Clicking on the school logo will bring you back to the main dashboard, regardless of where you are on the system.

The 4 menu options at the top of the dashboard load different areas of the system:

  • My Items - Here you have access to your data, calendar, assessments etc. 
  • Students -  In this section, you will find all the modules that are directly linked to students like Behaviour, Interventions etc.
  • School -  You have access to all the modules that have to do with the school's structure and set up like Timetable, Staff Members etc.
  • System - This menu option allows Admins to give API access to third-party Apps or set User Defined Fields.



 On the top right you'll see links to other areas:

  • Sign out - You can sign out of Arbor by clicking the link next to your name.
  • Help Centre - Click here to access the Help centre, a great place to start if you need support using our useful guides, videos and the Arbor Community!
  • Notifications - Any notifications will appear in the speech bubble next to the Arbor logo. 
  • Arbor - Click here to access our website and blog.

If you see a lot of notifications you can quickly clear these by going to My Items > My Account and clicking the green Clear Notifications button.


The search bar

You can search for Students, Guardians, Staff as well as courses and registration forms in Arbor using the Search Box.



If you click the arrow next to the search bar, you can access the Master search to see results from past years as well.


Shortcuts and Quick Actions

Clicking the Shortcuts button will show you a list of areas you might need to quickly jump to (dependent on your permissions). Clicking on a Shortcut will take you to the main dashboard for each area. We’ve chosen these links based on the pages all our schools use the most, so they aren’t customisable.



The Quick Actions list gives you a list of specific tasks that you can perform without having to click into a module. We’ve chosen these based on the actions all our users take most often, so they aren’t customisable.


My Calendar 

Here you can see any upcoming meetings, lessons and other events. Click My Calendar to view your full calendar, or click the event to open the session dashboard, such as a lesson dashboard to take attendance for the class.


To Do

Here teachers see any incomplete registers for your classes, which will always show at the top. Under these, you’ll see any incidents assigned to you, incomplete assessment data collections and cover requests with the newest at the top.



If you can view the School > Data > Data Quality Dashboard > Student Record Changes > Pending page and your school uses the Parent Portal/Arbor App, you’ll be able to see when there’s a new pending student record change and click it to approve or reject them.

When the system has been able to identify a duplicate profile, everyone with the School: General Admin: Administer permission will see this in their to-do list. You can then click the duplicate to delete or merge them from the Data Quality dashboard.

You can’t create your own to-dos as they are automatically generated.



Click the top of the section to see all your To-Dos.



You can click any item to be taken to the page where you can resolve the to-do item.



You’ll need to resolve everything to clear your to-dos. If you’ve worked through your to-do list, you’ll see this.


Student Alerts

Here you’ll see notifications of any birthdays, pinned notes, safeguarding notes (if you have the permission to view safeguarding notes) and detentions issued for your students, with the newest alert at the top. You can’t create your own student alerts as they are automatically generated.

You can click into any item to be taken to the page where you can complete further actions, such as seeing the pinned note. 

You can also dismiss the alert by clicking x. Once you have dismissed an alert, it will disappear from your Alerts list.



Click the top of the section to see all your Student Alerts. Here you can dismiss them in bulk by selecting the alerts and clicking the blue pencil icon.



If you don’t have any Student Alerts, you’ll see this.


School Notices

You can see any notices that are currently running for school staff. These aren’t displayed on the Parent Portal or Student Portal if you also use these. 

If part of the message is cut off, just click it to read the full notice.



If you have the School: General Admin: Administer permission, you’ll be able to click School Notices and edit or add more. You can also get to this page from School > Communications > Notices.

For more information, see our article: School Notices on your homepage


Key performance indicators (KPIs)

You’ll be able to view the KPIs for all the students enrolled in your school. You can choose which KPIs to display using the drop-down menu. If you choose to not display a set of KPIs, they will remain hidden when you next log in. Hover over a KPI to view more details.

  • Attendance - Six KPIs which provide an overview of currently enrolled students' attendance today compared to this year so far. The figures show the total current enrolled students today, a percentage statistic for statutory, authorised and unauthorised attendance, late and persistent attendees.
  • Behaviour - Four KPIs which provide an overview of students' behaviour. The figures show the number of behaviour points given this week alongside the weekly average for the year so far, an average of the number of incidents per week this year as well as this month and this year, days lost to fixed period exclusions (referred to as 'suspensions' by the DfE from Autumn 2021) this year compared to last year on the same date and permanent exclusions this year compared to last year on the same date.
  • Attainment - Three KPIs which provide an overview of students' attainment. If you don’t use Assessments in Arbor, these fields will be blank. These figures show the percentage of students (who were enrolled at any point during the current academic year) who are above, at or below their targets. Blank marks and not required marks are not included in the calculations.



Click any KPI to see further breakdowns. You’ll be taken to a new page listing academic groups, custom groups, and demographics, with the corresponding statistic for the selected KPI.

  • Use the filters at the top of the page to only display students in a certain student group or demographic.
  • Filter the list to only show certain student groups, such as registration forms, or show the data for each individual student using the buttons at the top.
  • Change how the list is ordered by clicking a column header, e.g. to see the group with the highest average across the year.



If you have assigned students

If you are a teacher or have pastoral responsibilities e.g. as a head of house, you'll also be able to view the KPIs for all the students you are linked to - just click the tabs to switch between the two.

On the My Students tab, the KPIs will only show you the students you are linked to, so the enrolment figures will usually be much lower than the overall school figures. 



To look at just one of the student groups you are linked to, click the first drop-down menu and select your group.



This filter acts as an ‘or’ filter, so in this example, my KPIs will include any students who are in 7Pe/1 or in 8Pe/2.



You can also filter your KPIs to look at students that fall into a particular demographic using the second filter. Click the second drop-down menu and select your demographics - you can select a maximum of 2.

This filter acts as an ‘and’ filter, so in this example, my KPIs will include any students who are EAL and also Male.



You can use both filters together, to drill down into the KPIs of a particular demographic in a particular group of students. In this example, I can see anyone in Acklam house who is FSM and Pupil Premium.


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