Roll out School Assessment Measures for schools from the Group MIS

School Assessment Measures can be used to create bespoke rules for one or multiple assessments combined within an academic year. Display at-a-glance charts and tables of all your key measures on school's Summative Assessment Overview Dashboard, drill down to see statistics by year, demographic and ethnicity and take further actions with students.

Using the Roll Out feature from the Group MIS enables you to quickly copy assessment measures set up at one school to all schools in your trust.


Before you start

  1. You'll need the Group: Assessments: Setup permission to be able to roll out assessment settings across all your schools. This permission has been given to anyone with the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, IT Manager and Data Manager business roles, so if someone needs the ability to define assessments across your MAT you should give them one of these roles.
  2. To be able to roll out School Assessment Measures, make sure the assessments you want to include in School Assessment Measures have been set up on all the right sites - we can only set up measures for assessments that are already set up. If you haven't yet set them up on all sites, we recommend using our assessment policy rollout tool. You can also import them individually or set them up from scratch on each site if you prefer.
  3. You will also have needed to set up the School Assessment Measure on one of your schools' sites.


How to roll out the measures

Go to Administration > Assessment > Annual Policy > School Assessment Measures.

First, select the academic year you want to create measures for.



Select the school you have already set School Assessment Measures up for.



Next, select the School Assessment Measures you want to copy. You can select multiple measures, but please note all the target assessments in the target schools need to have been set up.



Finally, you'll be able to see which schools already have these measures set up, and select the schools to copy these measures to. Then click Next.



On the next page, you can see how the measures will work, and confirm your choices. Click Send to School.



The measures will then be sent to your selected schools for the selected assessments.

If you have the ability to log into a school site, you can view the setup for the measures from Students > Assessments > Annual Policy > School Assessment Measures.



You can view the measures from Students > Assessments > Summative Tracking > Analysis > Overview Dashboard.



What happens if a measure can't be sent?

Year group could not be found

As School Assessment Measures have rules set based on year groups, if a year group could not be found you'll get this message. In this case, the measure will have not been created on that school site.

  1. Make sure the school has completed Step 3 of the New School Year Setup process to copy their year groups over to next year. 
  2. If they have completed this, you'll need to go back and select a different measure that doesn't contain rules for year groups that don't exist on the target site.



Assessment could not be found

As School Assessment Measures have rules set based on the assessments set up, if an assessment that matches could not be found for a particular year, you'll get this message. In this case, the measure will have not been created on that school site.

You'll need to go back and first add the assessment to the school site for the right year, then roll out the measure again. You can:



Assessment measure already exists

If you get a message like the one shown below, the measure will have not been created on that school site. This happens when a School Assessment Measure already exists on that school site with that name in the same academic year. 



As the measure already exists, we don't allow you to create a duplicate - you would need to log into the school site to make any changes. On the school site, go to Students > Assessments > Annual Policy > School Assessment Measures.


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