Can we send students their timetables in bulk?

There are a few ways to share printable timetables.

Using the Student Portal

If you need to share timetables with students in bulk, we recommend switching on the Student Portal at you school. Students can view their timetable through their Calendar on the Student Portal, without you needing to print and distribute timetables, which students can loose. You can read more about the Student Portal and enabling it for your school here.



Share with guardians

You can enable guardians to download and print timetables for their children: Student Printable Timetable


Other ways to share with students

If you do wish to share physical or email copies of their timetables, please note that when you download timetables for students in bulk, the PDFs will be downloaded together into one file.

If you wanted to send students their timetables, you can:

  • download timetables for students in bulk then use external software to split the file
  • select an individual student from the Printable Timetables page following these instructions, and repeat
  • click into a student from the Students > All Students > Browse Students page, use the Download/Print button to download their Printable Timetable, then jump to the next student and repeat

You can then follow these instructions to import and match them to students, then send via email: Share documents in bulk via email. You could also send the emails one at a time.

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