Printable Timetables for students

Follow the instructions below to print out timetables for students. Top Tip: You can shorten course names in timetables following these instructions.


You will need either the School: Teaching: View permission or one of the Student: Calendar: View permissions to print student timetables in bulk. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Student timetables in bulk

In School >Timetable > Student Timetables > Printable Timetables you can download student timetables.

Select a year and school week that you would like to bulk download the timetables for. If your school works on 2-week cycles, this will automatically select more than one school week and this will output a timetable for each week, per student.



Select individual students, or a certain year group, registration form or another student group.



Select a layout option. Please note that the Grid Concise (Lessons Only), Grid (Horizontal Periods, Vertical Days), and Grid (Horizontal Days, Vertical Periods) options are only available if your school has set up Timetable Periods.



If you add a collation, this will separate out students in each year group, registration form or house.



Choose whether to include dates along the top and select which events to show. Please note: The Grid Concise (Lessons Only) layout option will only show lessons.



When you click the Download Printable Timetables button, you'll need to wait for the notification to pop up in the top right.



Click the notification to download the timetables.



This will download to your computer which you can then open.



The example below shows the Grid Concise (Lessons Only) layout option.



From the student profile

Individual student timetables can also be downloaded via a student's Student Profile.



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I'm still stuck!


  • Are there any plans for the Grid Concise timetable choice to include intervention sessions ?


    I find this is clearer for students but it doesn't currently pick up intervention sessions

  • Hi Nicola, you can check whether we are working on something new by looking at our roadmap. If you can't see it, you can submit feedback: Our Product Roadmap and how to submit feedback


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