End or delete a staff contract

If you have set up a staff contract incorrectly, you may want to delete it. If the staff member is finishing their role, you should't delete their contract - you should end it instead as contract data is required for the Workforce Census.

Important notes:


You'll need the Staff Profile: All Staff: Contract Management permission. If you don't have this permission, ask your admin team to assign it to you.


Ending a contract

Go to the Contracts section of the staff member's profile. Select the contract to end from the drop-down menu.



Click into the staff contract, and add an End Date.



Then scroll down and click into the post to add and End date to the Post period.



Top Tip: If a staff contract is Fixed Term and has an Expected End Date but no End Date, in the workforce census the contract will be treated as ending on the Expected End Date. make sure you add in the staff member's actual end date.



Deleting a contract

Top Tip: You should only delete a contract if it was added by mistake.

From the staff profile

To delete a contract, go to the staff member's profile and go to the Contracts section in the left-hand menu.

Click into any field in the Staff Contract section.



Click the Delete button in the slide over. Please note that this is not reversible.



From the main Contracts page

Go to School > All Staff > HR Admin > Contracts and click into the Pay Review Dates tab. Select the contract.

In the slide over, click the Delete button.


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