Set up Shared Teaching courses for the next academic year

Shared Teaching lets you share students and courses across multiple schools with ease. For more details on getting and using Shared Teaching, please see our main article: Shared Teaching

These courses aren't automatically copied to the next academic year, so you'll need to set them up or copy them over to be able to take attendance and generate timetables for the next year. This article will show you how to do this.


You'll need the School: Shared Teaching: Setup permission to set up or copy over shared teaching courses. This permission isn't assigned to any business role by default, so must be manually given to users. You can only assign this business role if your MIS site is the Shared Teaching Admin site.

If you don't have permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions on a school site or these instructions on a MAT site.


Before following these instructions

Check with the Admin and Timetabling teams at each of your teaching schools. Make sure they have all completed up to step 6 of the New School Year Setup.

  • For step 1 of the New School Year Setup, we recommend agreeing on and setting up an Academic Calendar that is as similar as possible on all school's sites regarding year dates, term dates and holidays - you can see how to edit the academic calendar here.
  • Make sure all the schools have the same cycle length for the next academic year - this defaults to one-week each year, but Admins can amend this following these instructions: Two-week timetable periods
  • For step 3, ask them to make sure any new starters who will be attending Shared Teaching courses have been added to their home school site. 

For step 6, this depends on your schools' setup.

If they do not use Edval or TimeTabler, they need to set up or copy over their courses - when they do, they won't be able to copy over their Shared Teaching courses as they won't show in this area. You then need to create your Shared Teaching course on the Shared Teaching Admin site following the instructions below.

If they use Edval or TimeTabler:

  1. They should build the school's timetable as normal in Edval or TimeTabler.
  2. You should create your Shared Teaching courses (with timetable slots) on the Shared Teaching Admin site following the instructions below. Make sure you push the courses and timetable slots to the participating schools.
  3. They should then complete Step 6 of the New School Year setup process on their school sites to copy over/promote courses and classes. They need to import their timetable as normal, mapping to the existing courses in Arbor. The import process will map to any timetable slots connected to Shared Teaching courses, and will add the teachers and rooms from any matching timetable slots taught on each individual school site.


Copying courses from last year/this year to the next year

On the Shared Teaching Admin site, go to System > Shared Teaching Admin and select the next academic year in the drop-down menu.



Click +Add to select to Copy template courses from this year.

Top Tip: If you don't have any Shared Teaching courses this year, this pop up won't show and you'll need to set up from scratch.



In the slide over, tick the box to select the courses to copy over, and click the Bulk action button to select Copy courses.



Choose whether to copy the courses only, or include the timetable slots, then click Copy Courses.



You'll then be taken back to the overview where you can see your created courses. In this example I've got two courses where I've copied the slots, and one where I have not.



You can click into these courses to add more timetable slots if needed, then push to the schools.




Managing staff and rooms

If your schools do not use Edval or TimeTabler

Staff and rooms will need to be manually assigned to courses that have been pushed out to schools. Schools can make any further adjustments to timetable slot staff and rooms on their schools sites using the Shared Teaching tab on the School > Timetable > Timetable Administration > Timetable Slots page following these instructions.


If your schools use Edval or TimeTabler

When importing the timetable, schools will have matched your courses from the timetabling software to Arbor courses. The imported timetable slots need to have the same academic year, day of cycle, start time and end time as the timetable slots in the Shared Teaching Admin area.

Schools can then go to School > Timetable > Timetable Administration > Timetable Slots page and click on the Shared Teaching - Cannot be scheduled tab. Tick the boxes next to the courses to match staff and locations for and click the Bulk action button to select Assign Staff and Room to Shared Teaching timetable slots.

Top Tip: This will overwrite any staff and rooms already assigned.

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 14.49.46.png

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 14.50.04.png


Duplicating a course for next year

This feature is particularly useful if you run student Options in blocks, as you can use this feature to:

  • copy the same course over to the next year
  • copy timetable slots and setup of a course to the same or next year and change the name so it's a different course

Click on a course from System > Shared Teaching Admin and select Copy course.



You can choose the academic year the course should be copied to, the name of the new course, the subject and the curriculum grade.

You can also choose which institutions will participate in the new course and which timetable slots you want to copy.



You'll then be taken to the page for the new course. You can add more timetable slots if needed, then push to the schools.




How do we promote students into Shared Teaching years?

As part of your New School Year Setup, you promote students into the next year. Students moving up into years that use Shared Teaching will automatically be synced to teaching sites once enrolled in Shared Teaching courses. They'll have all the attainment, attendance and background date on both their profiles.

Can teachers from one site take lessons at another site?

You can't schedule sessions at both sites at the same time, as Arbor will automatically merge the lessons and only show the first location added.

In this case, you'll need to add staff to both school sites, and ensure that the teaching is only included in the Workforce Census on the home school site. You'll then be able to assign the staff member to the lessons on either school site.

Can I accidentally create a duplicate?

If you copy over a course that has the same name as one that already exists in that year, a new one won't be created. New courses are only created when given a different name, plus you can delete any courses set up incorrectly (as long as they've not been pushed out to schools yet).

Can we add new timetable lots in bulk?

Alongside adding timetable slots from within the Shared Teaching course, you can do this in bulk from the overview.

Select the courses, then click the Bulk action button to select Bulk add.



Can we view all the timetable slots?

You can see all scheduled slots from the Template Timetable Slots tab.

You can click on these to edit or delete them (as long as attendance taking has not started yet).



Can we delete courses in bulk?

On the overview, select the courses to delete and click the Bulk action button to choose Delete Template Courses. Top Tip: Will only delete courses not yet pushed out to schools.


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