What are Interventions?

Please note: The Arbor Interventions module is available as part of the Perform package.

An intervention is any action that a school takes with a child, or group of children outside of normal day to day lessons with the aim of improving student progress, attainment and/or well-being.

Interventions are an essential part of the day to day running of all schools, regardless of their size, status or the age group of the students.

Each intervention should:

  • Have an impact that is closely monitored weekly or monthly etc
  • Monitor cost needs
  • Have a high level of student turnover
  • Have specific outcomes
  • Target a group of students
  • Have outcomes that can be measured



Examples of Interventions

  • A regular, scheduled literacy and numeracy group
  • An external support group e.g. a mental health support workshop
  • Subject specific interventions e.g. Science booster
  • One to one interventions lead by a Teaching Assistant
  • SEN cohort interventions
  • Escalated attendance interventions
  • Keeping record of students on a Behaviour Support Plan
  • Escalating student to different severities of behaviour report cards
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