How do I fix a validation error in the register?

When reviewing your incomplete registersviewing attendance registers or changing marks in bulk you may see validation errors shown using a question mark.

These validation notes will only show for lessons taken in Arbor - to see missing marks imported from your previous MIS, see this article.

There are three reasons why a validation is created:

  • A mark hasn't been given to a student in the register - You'll need to open the register and add the marks
  • A pupil has been given a mark for a lesson they are no longer enrolled in - You'll need to follow the instructions below to remove them from the lessons
  • A pupil has been given a mark that isn’t correct, such as below where an S mark has been given to a child who isn’t old enough for study leave - change the mark to an appropriate attendance code




To see and resolve all attendance validation errors, you'll need the Attendance: Administer All Students permission. If you don't have this permission, ask your admin team to assign it to you.


A pupil has been given a mark for a lesson they are no longer enrolled in

If you have moved students between registers and backdated this change, the students' marks already collected for that class will turn into validation errors.

For example, in the Enrolment section of this student's profile, you can see they have moved registration form groups.



Here is the register they are no longer in.



If you click on the mark, you can delete it. However, this then becomes a 'no mark' validation.




Instead, you'll need to get rid of the redundant marks entirely by following these instructions: Remove redundant attendance marks



A pupil has been given a mark that isn’t correct

Where the student has been given the wrong attendance mark, you'll need to change it to a more appropriate attendance code.

Make sure they do not have a planed absence logged with the incorrect attendance code.

You can change marks in bulk, or from the student profile following these instructions: Amending an attendance mark for a student



Validation error for Internal Exclusions

Please see our guidance on this here: What attendance marks can be used for Internal Exclusions?

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