New School Year Setup Guide for Primaries and Primary Specials

To help you set everything up for the new school year in September, we've put together this guide. 

Do you have a nursery?

The process for managing nursery student enrolment into registers changed on 21st June 2021. You can see how to complete step 6 of the New School Year Setup process for your nursery students here: Scheduling your Nursery registers. If you already completed this step before the changes, you can continue with the New School Year Setup.


To download and view the guide, click the link at the bottom of the page.

This guide includes:

  • Preparing for the Setup
  • Creating the next year
  • Off - Rolling Leavers and generating CTFs
  • Copying year groups and registration forms
  • Enrolling applicants 
  • Copying custom groups and houses
  • Scheduling registration sessions
  • Copying meals and interventions
  • Reviewing the setup
  • Other things to copy (Assessments and behaviour)

Are you a special school?

If you're a special school, please choose the guide that is most appropriate to you, as the setup is majority the same whether you're a special or mainstream school. 

  • If you have only KS2 or below pupils, please use the primary guidance.
  • If you have KS3 or above pupils, please use the secondary guidance (including if you are an all through).
  • If you have a nursery, please also be sure to follow the specific guidance for nurseries here.


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