New School Year Setup Step 9 - Review and other important tasks



Go to School > School Structure > School Year Setup - all stages should be marked as Complete.

Before you finish, there are two things you'll need to do:

  • Review your setup
  • Set up other important things for next year that aren't built into the New School Year Setup workflow, like your Assessments and Behaviour



How long will it take?

Reviewing your setup can take as little as 15 minutes, but usually takes longer as you'll spot students you'll need to move.

For your other setup items:

  • Assessments - we recommend booking out an afternoon to copy over your assessments
  • Behaviour - around 30 minutes to set up
  • My Classroom - varies depending on the number of classes and rooms
  • School Shop - around 15 minutes to change student groups
  • Timetable periods - around 15 minutes to set up
  • Examinations - around 15 minutes to set up, longer to make entries
  • Programmes of Study - we recommend booking out an afternoon to manage these
  • Shared Teaching - varies depending on the number of classes


Reviewing your setup

Manage enrolments

Click on the last step to review your setup. To help you review, you can use our New School Year Setup Checklist, available on the Help Centre here: New School Year Setup Completion Checklist




You can also review your Year Groups and Registration Forms. If you need to add any, just click +Add.



Clicking on a Year Group will allow you to see all the students enrolled in it, or you can click More Information to view and edit the setup of your year group further.



Check your setup

Read our quick check steps: 5 ways to check you're ready for the next academic year

Check you've completed all the steps by taking a look at our Checklist.

If you're seeing a banner on your site, it means you haven't quite completed one or more of the New School Year Setup steps. Be sure to follow the instructions in our 5 ways article to resolve this and remove the banner.



Other things to prepare

Enrolment modes

If you have set students as Dual Registered or Guest students, you'll need to set this for the new academic year.

It is not possible in Arbor to update this in bulk, you would need to go through each student profile to change this manually: Adding guest students and changing enrolment modes

Top Tip: This doesn't need to be done for students added to other school sites as a result of using Shared Teaching, as these students are set as Guests when enrolled into Shared Teaching courses.


If you use assessments in Arbor, you’ll need to copy your assessments across to next year. They will not automatically copy over. To see how to do this, follow the instructions in this article: Copying Assessments to the coming year

You can view combined analysis for multiple assessments with School Assessment Measures. These also need to be copied over. You can see how to do this here for Primaries and here for Secondaries.

Data Collection Policies are linked to the Assessment policy. Because you need to select the assessments to create or copy over each year, you also need to define your Data Collection Policies each year if you use them at your school. You can see how to add Data Collections here: Manage data drops using Data Collection Policies


When the new school year begins, you’ll need to set up certain areas of behaviour.

Don't worry, you won't need to set everything up. To prepare for September, you'll just need to set up detentions and add your Internal exclusion types. You can see how to do this in this article: Copying Behaviour over to this next year

My Classroom

If your school uses My Classroom, there are certain steps that need to be completed each year for you to be able to use it.

You can use layouts from past years as these are linked to the room, but you will need to set up seating plans each year as there will be different students in your classes. Because teachers can access My Classroom at any time for their lessons, once you’ve completed Step 6 of the New School Year Setup process to schedule your classes, your teachers will be able to set up their seating plans before students return in September.

You can see how to do this here: Managing layouts and seating plans in My Classroom

School Shop

If you use the School Shop on your site, the products will remain active, and available to the students who were in the student groups selected last year.

To make the items available to new students, or different student groups, you’ll need to add the new students groups, then add prices for them: School Shop


If you use standard clubs or wraparound care, you can't copy them over. They need to be set up and scheduled within each academic year. You can see how to do this here for standard clubs and here for wraparound care.

Top Tip: Balances for Wraparound care and other top-up accounts roll over into next year.


Trip payments can only be made within a certain academic year. So if the trip is happening next year, or you want to run the same trips again in the coming year, you'll need to set them up.

See more information here on running trip payments across years, and here for how to set up new trips in the new academic year: Setting up a Trip

Timetable periods

We recommend secondaries complete this.

Timetable periods can be used to help align your attendance marks into set groups. If you want to use this feature again next year you’ll need to set them up for next year by following the instructions in this article. Remember to change the academic year to next year from the drop-down menu.

Timetables will also reset to the default one-week timetable. If you use a two-week timetable, you'll need to set this following these instructions: Two-week timetable periods


For schools completing national qualifications through Arbor's Examinations area, you need to set this up.

You'll just need to copy over your Qualification Offering, ready to make entries later. You can see how to do this in this article: Copy your Exam Qualification Offering over to this next year

Programmes of Study

We recommend schools with Post-16 complete this.

Ending student enrolment into your schools during Step 2, or changing enrolment into courses in step 6 of the New School Year Setup won’t update Programmes of Study for your Post-16 students. Make sure any changes you make to course enrolments are reflected in Programmes of Study following this guidance.

Shared Teaching

Only schools that currently use Shared Teaching need to complete this.

You must set up your Shared Teaching courses - please follow our instructions here: Set up Shared Teaching courses for the next academic year

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