Why can’t parents log in?

There's a number of reasons why parents may be struggling to log in to the Arbor App or Parent Portal. Please attempt these steps before raising an issue with our Customer Support:

Make sure you have enabled the Parent Portal. Parents can only log into the Arbor App if you already have the Parent Portal enabled. To check this is enabled, go to Students > Parents & guardians > Parent Portal Settings. Make sure the Parent login field in the Security & Privacy section is set to Yes.



Make sure the parent is a Primary Guardian of the student, as only people who are Primary Guardians of a child can access the Arbor App or Parent Portal. You can check this by going to their Guardian Profile and clicking the link to their child.



If they are trying to log into the desktop Parent Portal, are they using Google Chrome? On a computer, your parents should use Google Chrome. On their phone, your parents should use the Arbor App.

For logging into the desktop Parent Portal, make sure they are using the site address is as follows: http://[exampleschoolname].uk.arbor.sc They must not use the link sent to create a password as this will have expired.

To use the App they must be using at least Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 in order for the App to function properly.



Go to the guardian’s profile and check the email address is the one the guardian is using to log in with. The email address will have been used for the welcome email.




Make sure the login email was sent to less than 96 hours ago. If it was sent more than 96 hours ago, the password creation link will have expired. Ask the guardian to click the Forgotten your Password option when logging in to reset their password, reset their password for them or send another email.





Make sure they have input the birthday of one of their children the first time they have accessed the App or Parent Portal.



Make sure they have agreed to the Terms & Conditions the first time they have accessed the App or Parent Portal.




Check the email address the guardian is using has not also been used on a student or staff profile. If it has, you'll need to change the email on the one of the profiles so the system will know which account to log into.

For example, if a guardian and a child have the same email address, you'll need to change or delete the email of the child.




If they are also a staff member at the school trying to log into their guardian account, you'll also need to make sure the email address on both profiles are different. Follow the instructions in this article



Please remember that we do not advise parents directly, so if they need to pass issues on to your school, ask them for the type and model of phone they are using, e.g. an iPhone SE.

Please also ask for screenshots or a screen recording of the issues they are experiencing. On an iPhone SE, you can enable this on your control panel by going to Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls.

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