Introduction to Arbor - Admin's Guide

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This guide contains:

  • Logging in
    • Logging in for the first time
    • Returning to Arbor
    • I need to reset my password
    • Helping other staff to log in
      • Sending the welcome email
      • Resending login details to staff
      • Troubleshooting
    • Helping parents to log in
      • Sending the login email or resending login details
      • Resetting guardian passwords
      • Troubleshooting
  • Arbor Dashboard
  • HR admin and staff access
    • What are business roles and how do you give them to staff?
      • Adding extra permissions for a staff member
      • Removing Permissions
    • Updating staff checks and using the Single Central Staff Record
    • Adding staff contracts and ending staff access
  • Student Admin
    • SEN and student background e.g. Pupil Premium and FSM
    • Checking and editing a student’s enrolment into the school and registers
    • Guardians and their relationship to the student
  • Managing the user data stored in the MIS
    • Resolving duplicates
    • Data Retention and removing profiles
  • Attendance
    • Completing today's registers
      • Reminding teachers to complete their registers
    • Editing attendance marks
    • Adding planned absences and absence statistics
    • Getting a breakdown of attendance
  • Top Tips
    • Arbor Tips
    • Computer Tips
  • Troubleshooting- Why isn’t Arbor working?


More resources

Administration Tasks

  1. How Do I Login to my School?
  2. What is on the main Arbor Dashboard?
  3. How do I use the search feature in Arbor?
  4. How do I change my Arbor account details?
  5. Creating Password Rules for Arbor


  1. How do I view attendance?
  2. How does a teacher take attendance?
  3. How do I complete incomplete registers?
  4. How do I bulk edit marks?
  5. How do I follow up absences?
  6. How do I analyse latecomers?
  7. How do I report on attendance?
  8. How do I print an Emergency Evacuation Register?


  1. How do I enrol a student?
  2. How do I transfer a student between classes?
  3. How do I un-enrol a student
  4. How do I manage a leaver by generating a CTF?


  1. How do I add a member of staff?
  2. How do I log an absence?
  3. Using Arbor's Data Quality Dashboard


  1. How do I send an email from the Communications Dashboard?
  2. How do I send an SMS from the Communications Dashboard?


  1. Why isn't Arbor working?
  2. I can't see any current staff members


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